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Real-Time Market Data

First come, first served

Streaming real-time market data with highly optimized latency using any one or several of the supported top-of-book, Level I, or depth-of-book, Level II, data feeds. Hammer gives you an edge

Time and Sales

The Time and Sales window displays not only the current information for the trades in real-time, but also the trades from the previous few days. See the real prints from yesterday and make your informed decision.

Time and Sales window or Raw data is fully customizable – apart from the last price, the exchange, the volume and the time of the trade, you can add the bid price and the ask price. Also, you can chose to see only real trades and hide odd lots.

Level II

The Level II window in HAMMER™ shows you the current pending bids and asks on various exchanges, in real-time.

Fully customizable – choose the columns you wish to display, change the color, bold a specific column, display the imbalance panel, add the depth graph or leave it as clean as possible.

The color-coding of the rows is arbitrary and is used to distinguish the price levels from each other.

Depth of Market (DOM)

You can track the real-time market activity also on the DOM price ladder and trade directly on the DOM display. All thanks to our low-latency Level 1 and Level 2 NBBO and Depth feeds.

DOM price ladder display allows traders to follow very liquid securities and quickly enter/exit the market at exact levels. Modifying orders is as easy as possible – just drag your order up or down.

Depth Charts

Depth Charts is another way to look at the book. It displays the book in cumulative form – that is, the chart’s Y value at any point is the sum of all bids (or asks) from the best bid (ask) to the price value on the X axis.

Just like with Level II and other windows, you can specify the symbol to monitor, the source of the data and Start or Stop the data flow. Several other panels, such as Level 1/Quote information, and the tops bids/asks can also be shown.