Full-feature multi-asset class professional trading platform that offers DMA and highly customizable trading tools

Sterling Trader Pro

Sterling Trader Pro is a full-featured, mature, high-bandwidth and low latency multi-asset class professional trading platform built with the active, high-frequency discretionary trader and active asset manager in mind. With the platform tools you can easily create custom hotkeys, smart routes, and speed buttons.

The platform’s architecture and code language guarantee you superb speed. The connectivity package supports Direct market Access to most Exchanges, ECNs, major dark pools, ATS, crossing networks and other broker supported OMS.

Trading platform features, equities:


Sterling Trader Pro offers real-time options trading in the U.S. Built on the same framework as the equities (including customizable hotkeys and portfolio management), Sterling Trader Pro offers specialized options trading tools for the professional trader.

Options Order Entry

Options Chain

Advanced Options Order Entry

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