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Electronic Trading and Risk management

Trade all U.S. Exchanges and over 100 dark pools with Direct Market Access Broker

Alaric Securities ensures unparalleled execution speed through a direct connection to the NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges along with the leading trading software in the industry

Professional Trading Platforms

We offer a number of Desktop platforms to suit your trading needs. They all have unique capabilities but all of them provide you with the tools you need to execute your trading strategies. Find out more about each platform and choose which one suits you best

Trading API

We carry both FIX and web-socket API connections into our Order management System (MS) allowing you a stable low-latency connectivity to your UI/UX or algorithm. Whether you are a Hedge Fund, or a Broker Dealer you can rely on professional-grade connectivity to the markets.

Multi account Risk Manager and Order Entry

The ability to manage Multiple Accounts simultaneously is a great advantage to Managers, Investment Advisors, and Trading groups. Our powerful Manager Terminals allow a number of Risk and Pre/post Trade operations which facilitate trading and account management.

Routes & Liquidity

In the complex and interconnected world of Exchanges, ECNs, MTFs, Dark Pools, Algos, Market Makers, and Systematic Internalizers (Sis), Alaric offers Direct Market Access to a large number of self-directed routes and venues giving the client the ability to seek the best and most cost-effective order execution. See a full list of our available routes here.

Real-time Trade & Cash Reporting

In today’s world of advanced trade analytics, Alaric offers you the ability to generate flexible trade reports. While many brokers still rely on “Next-day” or “End-of-day” reporting, Alaric gives you a real-time trade reporting providing you a transparent view of your executions, trades, fees, and giving you the opportunity to analyze and uncover patterns or slippage.

Powerful Market Scanning

Scanning in our proprietary trading platform HAMMER gives you an edge to keep track on hot stocks. Customizable real-time scanning, using any or all pre-programmed indicators, formula or a custom logic.

Alaric Securities does not trade against clients’ orders and does not sell clients’ order flow