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Prop Traders

Tools and services for excellency across the capital markets

Alaric Securities provides Prop Traders with best-in-class execution, DMA, liquidity and lowest commissions

Risk Controls

  • You can set margining per account or group a number of accounts together
  • You can set margining per instrument or per account, allowing you flexibility to accommodate special use-cases
  • Powerful Pre-trade Risk system allowing full control over firm risk
  • Market-abuse risk controls preventing a large number of known manipulative practices such as spoofing, layering, order throttling, etc

The Best Liquidity

Access to liquidity routes is truly important!

Every professional trader knows that liquidity and quality of order routing and execution are much more than the size of the commission.

Using a DMA broker enables you to pick and choose the order route for your trades. Our clients rely on the ability to directly seek and route to deep liquidity venues beyond direct exchanges. We can provide virtually any liquidity route. We enable access to lit routes (AMEX, BAT, EDGX and many more), dark pools (Credit Swiss, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Nigh and Coda), and to the smartest smart routes which are aggressive liquidity seekers.

Professional Trading Platforms

We offer a number of Desktop platforms to suit your trading needs.

They all have unique capabilities, but all of them provide you with the tools you need to execute your trading strategies. Find out more about each platform and choose which one suits you best

Multi account Risk Manager and Order Entry

The ability to manage Multiple Accounts simultaneously is a great advantage to Managers, Investment Advisors, and Trading groups. Our powerful Manager Terminals allow a number of Risk and Pre/post Trade operations which facilitate trading and account management.


With over 5500 stocks on our ETB list, Alaric offers deep stock availability, transparent stock loan rates, global reach, dedicated support and automated tools to simplify the financing process and allow you to focus on executing your strategies.

Trade your loaned stock with no restrictions. You can sell your shares at any time.

Low Trading Costs

Not only do we provide you with true DMA routes and executions, we also give you back the exchange rebates. If you trade passively, by adding liquidity, you may even be Net Zero costs on your executions. In FX, we do not widen the spreads and you get the true spread provided to us.


Alaric’s depth of availability helps with locating hard to borrow securities while protecting against buy-ins and recalls. Shares available for shorting and the respective rates can be viewed or Reserved for borrow in real-time on all of our trading platforms.

Private locates available upon request allow for better timing of entry points on high traffic short positions.