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Hedge funds​

Prime Broker services, including trading, clearing, custody and reporting for cost-sensitive funds

The Alaric Advantage

  • Fast execution with low-latency infrastructure guaranteeing high % of order fills
  • True DMA and many Algo and Dark Pool routes for self-directed orders
  • Over 5500 stocks which are Easy-to-Borrow and high locate availability for Hard-to-Borrow stocks.
  • Depth and breadth of short securities availability, transparent loan rates, global reach, dedicated support and automated tools to simplify the financing process.
  • Quick and easy onboarding
  • Seamless integration with powerful Trading API
  • Direct Access to Trading Risk & Margin department specialists
  • Flexible and client-designed Smart Order Router – one-of-a-kind experiences with customer-oriented routing logic, including liquidity seeking, rebate maximizing, mid-point execution, price-improvement, etc
  • 100+ order types – from limit orders to complex algorithmic trading – help you execute any trading strategy.
  • Integrate your own EMS with our OMS

Securities Financing


With over 5500 stocks on our ETB list, Alaric offers deep stock availability, transparent stock loan rates, global reach, dedicated support and automated tools to simplify the financing process and allow you to focus on executing your strategies.

Trade your loaned stock with no restrictions. You can sell your shares at any time.


Alaric’s depth of availability helps with locating hard to borrow securities while protecting against buy-ins and recalls. Shares available for shorting and the respective rates can be viewed or Reserved for borrow in real-time on all of our trading platforms.

Private locates available upon request allow for better timing of entry points on high traffic short positions.