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Trade With a Broker Who Understands Active Traders

Deals and tools for professional traders

Alaric Securities is a multi-platform broker-dealer, providing prime and electronic brokerage solutions for professional and active traders, with the lowest commissions and best executions available globally

"Active Trader" Package, Specially Designed For Professional Traders

The Best Liquidity

Access to liquidity routes is truly important!

Every professional trader knows that liquidity and quality of order routing and execution are much more than the size of the commission.
Using a DMA broker enables you to pick and choose the order route for your trades.

Our clients rely on the ability to directly seek and route to deep liquidity venues beyond direct exchanges. We can provide virtually any liquidity route. We enable access to lit routes (AMEX, BAT, EDGX, and many more), dark pools (Credit Swiss, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Nigh, and Coda), and the smartest smart router which is an aggressive liquidity seeker.


Add liquidity. Get paid.

The vast selection of exchanges and market-maker routes make it very complex from cost and execution perspective. Many of those provide rebates for participants that add liquidity.

We return those rebates to you automatically upon execution. As a DMA, pass-thru broker, we allow traders to self-direct their orders by choosing the execution venue themselves.
We place the control and transparency in the trader’s hands.

Stock Loan

The best-in-industry +5500 ETB availability

As a premier global provider of securities lending, we provide our clients with broad global access to stable easy&hard-to-borrow supply.

Coupled with our market-wide access to external supply and extensive internal inventory, Alaric Securities’s clients can have most U.S. and European listed stocks available for immediate short.

Client coverage is provided by the Alaric Securities Stock Loan Desk, where a team of securities lending professionals will accommodate all clients’ needs. If a stock is not immediately available, or on the HTB list, a quick email or a phone call to our Stock Loan desk can guarantee you that hard to find stock you want to short. We work with multiple Stock Loan desks across the US and locates are often a click away.

High Leverage

Up to 50:1 intraday and 4:1 overnight

As a “day trader” we know you don’t need much overnight BP but you need your intraday firing power. We have NO PDT Rule and no “minimum” day-trading rules.

Custom Commissions

Custom solutions for high-volume traders

Benefit from market-leading entry prices and get tighter spreads and lower commissions when you upgrade your trading tier.

Client Asset Protection

We are a regulated Broker/Dealer

All European Brokers report to the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA). As such, Alaric Securities abides by strict MiFIDII rules on Client Asset segregation. As you are the owner of your account, we keep your money separate from the Broker’s assets.

Alaric Securities does not trade against clients’ orders and does not sell clients’ order flow.

Try 30 days ZERO-Risk trading
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