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Hammer™ Risk Terminal

Multiple accounts management. Mission possible

HRT gives a great advantage to Managers, Investment Advisors, and Trading groups, allowing a number of Risk and Pre/post Trade operations which facilitate trading and multiple sub-accounts management

Hammer™ Risk Terminal real-time risk monitoring and trading features

Accounts Window
  • Equity – start of day(SOD) Equity, Equity plus Realized Profit/Loss(P/L)
  • Buying Power(BP) – Used BP, Available BP, Total BP
  • Realized, Unrealized, Total Profit/Loss, measured against last close – Daily P/L
  • Realized, Unrealized, Total Profit/Loss, measured against the average price of the position – In Development
  • Exposure metrics – Order exposure, Position exposure, Combined exposure
  • Traded Shares for the current day – Bought quantity, Sold quantity, Traded quantity

Positions Window outlines all positions of the client’s sub-accounts:

  • Shows all currently opened positions for each account in each symbol
  • Closed positions can also be displayed
  • Positions can be filtered to show only a subset of accounts
  • Sorting by symbol provides an easy way to check all holders of a particular symbol

Orders Window
provides an overview of all orders

Trading Functionality of HRT:

  • Clients with enabled Risk Terminal have enhanced functionality in all trading windows
  • The practical application is – the client can execute orders in each of his sub-accounts
  • The Chart window, Level II window, Trade ticket window – all of them allow to select the account in which the Manager wants to send an order

Additional monitoring tools:

  • The Trade Log window is enhanced to include all of the client’s sub-accounts by default. If needed, the Trade Log can be filtered by Account, Symbol or Activity (for example it can show only Filled orders, only Rejected orders or All orders)
  • The Account View window is enhanced and can show Positions, Orders or Balances for a selected sub-account