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Trading US-based ETFs

If you are a Professional trader and meet certain qualitive and quantitative requirements you may be granted the right to trade US-based ETFs.

As an EU-based broker MiFID regulations require us to
classify you as a Professional trader so that you can trade
US-based ETFs.

To do that certain qualitative and quantitative requirements must be met.

The qualitative ones are based on your expertise, experience, and knowledge. They ensure that you understand the risks involved and are in a position to make your own investment decisions. Additionally, you must satisfy at least two of the quantitative requirements below:

  • You must have a balance of at least 500 000 EUR including both positions and cash
  • You have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position
  • You have carried out trades in a significant size on a relevant market of a frequency of at least 10 per quarter over the last year

If you believe you fulfill those requirements, you can apply to be classified as a professional trader using the application form and by providing documentary proof of the above at [email protected] Once your application is approved you will be notified by email and we will grant you the right to trade US-based ETFs.