Fully programmable and customizable

HAMMER provides a very flexible system of trading hotkeys
to facilitate fast trading for experienced traders.

If you want full customization,
Hammer gots you covered.


You can create a hotkey for almost any buying or selling condition

you can think of.

You can execute a pre-selected action or series of actions at the press of a single or combination buttons.

It simplifies and speeds up the manual steps you would ordinarily take to

perform an action.


Hammer provides an user friendly Hotkey Editor where you can easily make your own

hotkey by using dropdown menus to adjust everything you need:



  • Symbol
  • Quantity
  • Routing
  • Price


The Hotkey Editor also provides the ability to

use custom scripts while making your

hotkeys. It will satisfy the needs of even the

most demanding professional traders.


You can create a “command” – an order and assign it to a key. The order

can be dynamically conditioned on certain parameters:

  • Pressing the Hotkey on a trading window such as a Chart Window or a LEVEL II Window will either position the order on the window or place the order, depending on its definition.


  • Each defined key can be set to be active on certain windows only


  • The keypress for the Hotkey can be either a simple key combo (for example ( Ctrl + A ) or a special combo – a pre-defined Hotkey with another key combination.

In the Settings menu there are multiple

options to manage your Hotkey:



  • Export and share with another user
  • Import list of Hotkeys
  • Enable and disable
  • Duplicate and delete
  • Edit and clear



HAMMER provides you with an extensive set

of pre-defined shortcuts for platform




  • Quickly open windows
  • Close alerts
  • Send current window info to API
  • Select and change data source
  • Insert symbols and many more

Hotkeys setting tutorial

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