Get Direct Market Access
with the lowest commissions
& best execution available globally

Access to liquidity routes
No "per Trade" minimums
Real-Time Market Scanners
No trades limit
5500+ stocks available for shorting
No PDT rule

Verified company

Execute Your Trading Strategies
With powerful smart trading tools
Real-Time Market Data
You get an edge with highly optimized latency market data
Real-Time Market Data

• The Time and Sales window allow you to see the real prints from yesterday and make your informed decision

• The Level II window shows you the current pending bids and asks on various exchanges, in real time

• DOM price ladder display allows you to follow very liquid securities and quickly enter/exit the market at exact levels

Market News
Follow the market with multi-source, a low-latency news feed
Market News

• You have all the information about a particular stock in one window

• Infopanel gives you additional information for the current stock: Market cap, EPS, Dividend, Yield, Ex-Div date etc.

• No need to check different sources – all you need to know is in Hammer

Real-Time Scanners
Predefined and Fully Customizable Scanners to help you stay informed on every price change up to miliseconds
Real-Time Scanners

• Predefined Day Trading scanners - Gapper Scanner, Premarket Gap Scanner, High of Day Momentum Scanner, Unusual Volume, Top Gainers & Top Losers

• Advanced Scanners - Scanner SMA 8 day crosses down SMA 21 day, Between Average Volume Value, Spread and Change for the day, Imbalances scanner, Intraday range

• Built-in TheStrat scanners based on the logical framework for analysis of the price charts of financial instruments, that is developed by Rob F.Smith

Alerts System
Stay on top of the ever-changing market and flow of information
Alerts System

• HAMMER alerts - Price Crossing, Crossing Daily Range Point, Moving, Daily High/Low, 52-week High/Low, Volume % Increase, Volume, Trailing Stop

• Alert Editor - Single Symbol, Multi-Symbol, Portfolio, Global

• Alerts drawn in the chart – Trendline

• Fibonacci Retracements and Expansions Alerts

Technical Analysis
Stay focused and consistent with full suite of powerful charts, supporting 100+ indicators, alerts and annotations
Technical Analysis

• Efficient implementation – allows you to easily run dozens or more real-time charts at the same time on an average PC

• Fully configurable charts – ribbon/toolbars, colors, indicators, and various other features

• Drawing tools on the charts – You may create templates, configuring a chart exactly the way you like

Trade From the Chart
Get control over positions and new and pending orders – all from the chart
Trade From the Chart

• Arm/Auto Transmit any order that is created on the chart without confirmation – the order get immediately placed

• Buy and Sell buttons allow you to place a Buy Limit or Sell Limit order on the chart

• The trading capsule gives you all the information about the order and while moving it on the chart it gives you all the means to manipulate it • Scale/Trans option makes visible all orders on the chart even if they are not close to the current price

Trade really fast with flexible system of trading hotkeys

• Create a hotkey for almost any buying or selling condition you can think of

• Execute a pre-selected action or series of actions at the press of a single or combination of buttons.

• Use custom scripts while making your hotkeys

Seize your Opportunities

With a platform which fits your needs and experience level

As low as $29.95/mo

HAMMER is an all-in-one professional trading platform that simplifies trading experience and provides all the toolset for comprehensive trading. Developed by Alaric Securities and powered by its brokerage services, HAMMER allows traders to trade visually directly on charts and DOM with real-time data and the fastest order execution with the lowest cost on the market.

Why Alaric Securities

Alaric Securities is a regulated, stable, and trusted European broker-dealer, with FSC registration number: RG-03-236-1.

At Alaric we are committed to providing our clients and partners with professional expertise, outstanding client service, and wide range of opportunities.

We constantly strive at setting new industry standards by carefully listening to you and addressing your needs.

Custom-tailored solutions for professional investors
Self-directed Direct Market Access to Exchanges, Dark pools and Algo venues
Lowest commissions for retail and institutional clients
Various options for exposure hedging and risk management
Investor Protection Scheme Fund (up to €20,000 per account)
$1+ bn
worth of equities daily
12+ years
of industry excellency
order routing destinations

Thumbs up!

As a day trader, Alaric Securities helps me to stay successful. Letting me route my orders to so many venues definitely gives me an edge.


Love the stock borrow

Alaric is laser-focused on active traders.
Love the Hammer.


Great execution, great support!

I have been trading since 2010 and I worked with different stock brokers, but when I started with Alaric Securities, I reached my last destination where I am getting all that I need to trade.

Desire Alliance

A great place for professional traders!

Alaric is an excellent full-service broker. The guys won me with their platform, stock borrowing, and customer support. Keep going!


Full-service for active traders

Alaric provides the best service for active traders. I am satisfied with the fee structure, the customer service, and, what was a surprise for me, its very versatile trading platform.

How To Start Trading
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