Alerts System

Don’t miss a gain

With HAMMER’s full-featured Alerts System you can stay on top of the
ever-changing market and flow of information. Fully customizable
alerts for symbols, portfolios, news and charts.

HAMMER’s alert system is the program component that sits “behind

the scenes” monitoring all data that comes in and checks it against the

criteria that is entered by the user.


If the criteria is met (for example: “Alert me when {ticker} price hits daily

high”, or “Alert me when {ticker} price moves up more than 3 points “),

then the alert system will notify the user by using whatever the

notification methods were entered for the particular alert.

Available HAMMER alerts:

  • Price Crossing – Applies only to single symbols. It is triggered when the price crosses a particular level. You can specify triggering only when the crossing is on the way up, only on the way down, or either way.


  • Crossing Daily Range Point – Gets triggered when the price crosses the specified daily range (that is Daily Low – Daily High) percentage point.


  • Moving – Gets triggered when the price moves the specified absolute amount or percentage within a certain time period.


  • Daily High/Low – Gets triggered when the price gets within a certain range of the daily high or daily low.


  • 52-week High/Low – Gets triggered when the price gets within a certain range of the 52-week high or daily low.


  • Trailing Stop – Gets triggered when the price bounces back the specified amount from recent low or drops back from recent high.
  • Trade Size – Gets triggered when a block trade of the specified size goes through.


  • News – Gets triggered when new news comes in for the symbol.


  • Reminder – Gets triggered at specified time.


  • Volume – Gets triggered when volume is higher than a specific number of shares during specific timeframe.


  • Volume % Increase – Gets triggered when volume for last 1 min increases more than a certain % compared to avarage over tha last minutes.

Alerts that can be
entered in the Alert Editor:


  • Single Symbol – applies only to one symbol
  • Multi-Symbol – applies to a list of symbols entered by the user
  • Portfolio – applies to a list of symbols entered by the user
  • Global – applies to all symbols

Alerts drawn in

the chart:


  • Trendline – this alert is specific to a particular chart and can trigger if the price on the chart goes above/below a line drawn on the chart.

Fibonacci Retracements and

Expansions Alerts:


  • You can make your Fibonacci levels trigger an alert when the price hits them with one easy click.

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